**Best Beer Margarita

Serves 6
1 (12 ounce) can frozen limeade concentrate (semi-thawed)
12 fluid ounces tequila
6 fluid ounces 7-up
6 fluid ounces cold water (or use 12 fl.oz. Seven-Up or water)
12 fluid ounces beer (Corona)
ice (lots of ice!)
1 lime (cut into wedges)
Pour the limeade, tequila, Seven-Up, water and beer into a large glass pitcher; stir with a long-handled spoon until completely blended and the frozen limeade has completely melted.
Add in lots of ice.
Adjust with extra water if the mixture is too sweet.
Serve each glass with a lime wedge on the end
*If you think it’s too sweet add another beer (Corona) and 1/2 of the lime-aid.
*You can mix the concoction up and blended with ice in the blender for frozen margaritas!
*For added flavor add Orange Patron or Grand Marnier (in addition to tequila or in place of half of it)
Note: I love this — easy & good. Pennie